Our goal

Store 50 GWh by

We have a lot planned. Because with our Redox Flow electricity storage devices, we want to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Up to 98% is possible with our system.

This is how energy transition works.

50 GWh

Storing electricity safely.

In a world driven by renewable energies, we lead the way in the field of metal-free, stationary power storage devices. With storage solutions that are as sustainable as the energy they store.


Rebranding: JenaBatteries becomes CERQ

From storage device producer to service provider - CERQ represents the new business model in which consumers pay for electricity storage and provision. The new brand name acts as an umbrella brand under which future business areas in the global market will also be opened up.


How much solar power does CERQ shift into the night?

With CERQ, a power supply from 100% renewables is possible around the clock - for almost five months of the year. We show how much more solar power a photovoltaic system provides over the year when it is coupled with an optimally dimensioned CERQ storage system.

Our solution

Clean components.

Clear advantages.


  • incombustible
  • non-explosive
  • immediately ready for use
  • low maintenance


  • storage media without heavy metals
  • no aggressive acids
  • resource-conserving
  • recyclable


  • external storage from 150 MWh
  • freely configurable capacity + power
  • independently scalable


  • favourably-priced raw materials
  • European production
  • no supply bottlenecks
  • high planning security
  • long lifetime:
    more than 10,000 cycles
Use cases

Our applications for Industry

and major projects, and

for a tomorrow worth living.

Our sustainable Redox Flow batteries are ideal for large-scale projects. Therefore, we offer our storage solutions starting from a capacity requirement of 150 MWh - for major industrial customers, public institutions and grid operators, and stationary power storage units.


Costs: plannable.
Power: scalable.
Energy transition: feasible.


Questions about our

electricity storage system?

In our help section we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions all around our sustainable storage system. 

A career with CERQ

We look forward

To Your energy.


We have a lot planned. To this end, we are looking for smart, committed people who want to work together in an innovative team to supply clean, sustainable energy for everyone.