What we want

Energy for everyone. Accessible, affordable, sustainable.

We think green energy is there for everyone. We make an important contribution with our innovative electricity storage systems - and will be integrated into numerous energy infrastructures and networks by 2030. In addition, together with others, we drive forward the circular economy in the energy sector. Through the collaboration of various different technologies, for example, and through cooperation, collaboration and sector coupling. For a clean, economical energy transition that involves everyone.

What drives us

Our values.

Sustainable business management

We take responsibility for our business activities and commit ourselves to a positive impact on social goals. We can make climate neutrality a reality with our technology, while at the same time avoiding the use of critical raw materials from questionable origins. We achieve regional value creation, rely on transparent supply chains and make visible how we can become better every day.

Acting ethically

We think and act fairly and humanely. An aspiration that must also be fulfilled by those who work with us. Our technology contributes to ethical business management because we use alternative resources with fair working conditions. And: we develop our products exclusively for civilian purposes - military applications and markets are explicitly not served.


It is really self-evident, but: we keep our promises. Because although we think big, we only aim for goals that we think are achievable. And we are also happy about successes along the way. Because we all think like this, we can move projects forward quickly - thus contributing to a successful energy transition.


We speak openly and honestly to each other, internally and externally. Trust plays a major role in this respect. We communicate transparently about our product characteristics and quality standards, and exchange information about progress and setbacks in order to learn from them.

Diversity and inclusion

We are emphatically committed to equal employment opportunities, and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind whatsoever, for example based on age, ethnicity, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, neurodiversity or disability. We think that language is also a part of inclusion, because language shapes consciousness. For us, gender-neutral language and easily accessible texts are part of this. The sensitive use of language promotes empowering, appreciative interaction free from clichés and stereotypical role models.


Only if we all work together can we achieve the energy transition. Together we are stronger. That’s why partnerships with suppliers, service providers and project participants - as well as the integration of other technologies - are an important part of our infrastructure.


Management team:
All full of

Philipp Hammans


Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Tobias Janoschka

Dr. Tobias

Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

Dr. Sven Gensler

Dr. Sven

Chief Finance Officer

Our CMO Felicitas Kermarrec


Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Matthias R. Jacob

Dr. Matthias
R. Jacob

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. André Brosowski

Dr. André

Chief Sustainability Officer


We are a specialist company in accordance with the WHG.

CERQ/JenaBatteries is a certified specialist company in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG), and holds specialist company approval to install, maintain, shut down and internally clean Redox Flow batteries.