As sustainable as the energy they store.

Our metal-free Redox Flow battery (also called a “flow battery”) is as innovative as it is environmentally friendly. Being a freely scalable storage system, it is the future-oriented alternative to conventional lithium-ion accumulators and metal-containing redox flow electricity storage devices. And a real contribution to the energy transition.

Why is it called Redox Flow?

Redox Flow electricity storage units are environmentally-friendly electrochemical energy storage systems.

In this respect, “Redox Flow” is an abbreviation of:


Reduction = Uptake of electrons
Oxidation = Output of electrons
Flow = A liquid storage medium


Sustainable storage
This is how it works

Two tanks contain a salt solution with various organic (metal-free) storage substances for the positive and negative poles. The salt solution is pumped through a cell to charge and discharge it. In this way, electrons are bound and released again - and electricity is stored.

The result: The accumulator’s power and capacity can be scaled independently of each other. The amount of electrolyte defines the capacity of the flow battery, and the area and number of cells define its power.

Our solution

Clean constituents.

Clear advantages.


  • incombustible
  • non-explosive
  • immediately ready for use
  • low maintenance


  • storage media without heavy metals
  • no aggressive acids
  • resource-conserving
  • recyclable


  • external storage from 150 MWh
  • freely configurable capacity + power
  • independently scalable


  • favourably-priced raw materials
  • European production
  • no supply bottlenecks
  • high planning security
  • long lifetime:
    more than 10,000 cycles
Customer profile

Our areas
of use
for industry
and major projects

Our areas of use

  • Storing renewable energies in industrial applications
  • Peak shifting
  • Off-grid applications, e.g. the island operation of large projects
  • Optimising own consumption
  • Network stabilisation
  • Recuperation in industrial processes

Our target groups

  • Solar photovoltaic and wind park operators
  • Energy suppliers
  • Hydrogen producers
  • Infrastructure service providers
  • Commercial companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Transport companies

alternative to

a lithium

ion accumulator

Companies worldwide are engaged in the new and further development of batteries.

Redox Flow batteries (RFBs) are being developed by various consortia in Europe, Asia and America. JenaBatteries is one of the pioneers in this field.

Lead accumulator Lithium ion accumulator Vanadium RFB CERQ RFB
Raw materials availability
Replaceability of raw materials
No thermal runaway
Fire safety
Does not evolve flammable gases
Simple, easy maintenance
Stationary application
Mobile use
Purchase price
Low costs throughout lifetime
A career with CERQ

Releasing energy together.

We want the energy transition - and we want you! Work with us on one of the central issues of the future, the inexpensive, sustainable storage of electricity from renewable sources.